Hundreds of residents remain displaced after high-rise apartment fire

The Nashville Fire Department said residents around 350 units were displaced in the fire on Saturday at 505 Nashville on Church Street.
Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 7:44 PM CDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Residents at a downtown Nashville apartment complex are trying to figure out their next steps after a fire broke out at 505 Nashville on Church Street on Sunday forced them to evacuate the building.

Initially, the fire was contained to one unit then sprinkler system went off causing several units to flood, including the electrical room, which then caused another fire, prompting officials to cut power to building, forcing residents to evacuate.

Eventually, those living on the top 15 floors were allowed to return home. However, that wasn’t the case for residents on floors 3-29. The Nashville Fire Department said around 350 units were affected.

Restorations crews were seen on Monday coming in and out the building as residents came to collect their belongings.

“I was hoping to return home today but not gonna happen, so I think we have to stay another night,” resident Ashley Robnett said. “The only part about that it’s gets kind of pricey, but I think they’re gonna accommodate us.”

Despite the damage caused from the fire, there were no report of any injuries. A spokesperson from the Red Cross told WSMV4 it can’t start providing resources until apartment management contacts them. It’s unclear when that will happen.

Ruth Cante is a safety consultant and is not affiliated with the apartments. She believes the fire could have been prevented when you consider official say it started as a result of item being left on the stove.

“Most fires in a household start in the kitchen so things that we need to raise awareness is ensuring that you do not leave open flames or leave your stove turned on and leave it unattended,” Cante said.

Developer Tony Giarratana plans to address the fire on Wednesday.

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