Rutherford County parents share input on proposed rezoning maps

School officials expect to have 10,000 more students in the system in five years.
Rutherford County Schools is beginning their rezoning meetings. The district believes it could have 10,000 more students within five years.
Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 11:42 PM CDT
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LaVERGNE, Tenn. (WSMV) - School rezoning considerations are underway in the Rutherford County School District. The district has scheduled public meetings for parents to give feedback on the proposed concept maps.

Rutherford County Schools leaders said increased student population is why they’re looking at rezoning to place students in areas where there are more resources and space. Currently, the district has 50,000 students and they believe in five years it will have 10,000 more students.

Parents attended the district public input meeting Monday evening inside of LaVergne High School. The director of schools along with RSP, a consulting group, gave presentations about why they’re considering rezoning in the district.

After the meeting, parents like Christina Treglia looked at the two rezoning plans. Her daughter would have to go to another school farther from where she attends school now. She wished the rezoning plans included more walkability for students.

“Right now, what we’re looking at on the rezoning we would not be able to walk to school anymore. It’s not something we do every day, but the buses are super convenient and when we have to drive her it’s right on the way and she can always walk,” Treglia said.

Rutherford County Schools Director Jimmy Sullivan said the plans are not final, just concept maps. The school system wants to receive input from parents and adjust their plans accordingly. He said more high school capacity is needed throughout the district in order to fully resolve the challenges.

Some parents like Treglia believe there’s a bigger issue that needs to be resolved.

“I’m thinking in terms of where they’ve allowed houses to be built, and where they’re building utilities. Let’s think about where schools are when we’re making those decisions but some of that happens at the city level and the schools are at the county level and that leaves the parents kind of squeezed in the middle,” Treglia said.

Sharonda Martin said the school her child attends isn’t impacted in any of the concepts presented Monday night. She supports the idea of the school district looking towards the future.

“I’m glad that we are taking a proactive approach and thinking about the population in the schools and educating our students,” Martin said. “Schools at this point are extremely full and classroom sizes are probably at the capacities of 30 to 35 and you have one teacher.”

The school district will hold input meetings on Tuesday at Stewarts Creek High School in Smyrna and Wednesday at Siegel High School in Murfreesboro. Both of these meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.

The district also has an online survey for parents to share their thoughts on the rezoning maps.

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