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Nashville, TN 37209 appreciates feedback from its users. Please keep in mind that we are unable to post every story that appears on our news broadcasts on the Web. If you have looked on the site and have been unable to find a story on that you saw on the air, it probably was not posted.

Video Clips: Did you see a news story on Channel 4 that you would like to get a copy? Contact Nashville News clips to order. They will go through their archives, locate your story, dub and edit it for you. They provide it in any format you need. Call (615) 337-0687 or visit They record over 8,000 hours per year of all local newscasts.

Video clips can only be only be viewed from our website. Video files cannot be downloaded and saved to your PC. Channel 4 does not make copies of stories for viewers.

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If you have a question, comment or suggestion about the station’s operations send us an e-mail by using the appropriate e-mail address below.

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